Unique natural cosmetics which came into being by a love story

The new natural cosmetics brand Ayluna is inspired by oriental well-being tradition. It is organic, vegan and halal and thus connects orient and occident, just like the two founders Aynur and Heinz-Jürgen Weiland. Ayluna participates for the first time in the fair BioFach 2017 with its small and excellent hair and body care range as well as plant-based hair dyes.
Heinz-Jürgen Weiland is a passionate natural cosmetics developer. For nearly 30 years, the range of a big German natural cosmetics manufacturer bore his signature. Aynur Weiland was born in Germany and grew up in Turkey. Together with their two children they live a successful combination of both cultures.
With Ayluna, they now realise their vision of a harmonious combination. They created their very personal natural cosmetics, something which Aynur always missed. They connect the best of both worlds: the sensual well-being tradition of an oriental hammam and the gentle naturalness and certified quality of German natural cosmetics. The name Ayluna not only refers to Aynur, whose name means moonlight. Ay, the Turkish word for moon harmoniously combines with the western Luna and refers to the oriental-European encounter.

Both adore plants which grow in Aynur’s home country: hazelnut and sesame oil, pomegranates, figs and of course roses. These are also part of Ayluna cosmetics – wherever possible in organic quality and of course at fair conditions for the growers. The sensual and gentle body and hair care with a natural scent is also vegan and halal because Ayluna wants to inspire people with very different ways of life.

Ayluna harmoniously combines knowledge and experience, nature and culture. As Ayluna was inspired by love, it is not surprising that these special natural cosmetics do not only touch the skin but also heart and soul.

Aynur & Heinz-Jürgen Weiland

Ayluna Naturkosmetik GmbH
Fluthamelstr. 1
31789 Hameln
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